Done with Drinking but Dont Have a Problem? Heres How to Try Sobriety Without Being a Sober Tourist

I hope my mood starts to improve in a few more weeks. I just feel really lost in life and sad lately and working at a hospital isn’t helping with my anxiety with the recent reports of cases rising etc. I care more about family and friends.

  • Because the thing is, we don’t actually know.
  • They are not directly related to alcoholism or addiction but they have helped me to understand how to accept personal responsibility for my own thoughts and actions.
  • I had to discover ways to live without alcohol, uncover lost feelings and deep desires.
  • If you foresee issues, maybe just downplay it.
  • “I was concerned you might not be able to be a controlled drinker,” she says.
  • Instead I pray, or call my parents, because I have healthy relationships with them today,” she says.

All I can do is hope that in some way, the sharing of my experiences will help and someone else’s life will be better than they ever imagined. So I credit AA with being my catalyst to developing my own plan and using my own willpower to stay sober for more than 7-1/2 years. To get a better idea of my personality, my philosophies and to read much more material. Didn’t say that at all, but I hope you’re able to find a solution for your pain.

surprising things that happen when you stop drinking

But Kass would be thrown the first of many major curveballs when she was raped by a family member at the age of twelve, and, two years later, her mental health took a major nosedive. I’m not embarrassed to tell you my full name. My family and friends are proud of what I’ve done—I sobered up on my own. No rehab, no program, no regular meetings. This is why I undertook writing alternative strategies and techniques for sobriety. I wanted to develop my own personalized plan to aid me in making the best out of my own sobriety.

life just sucks when you get sober

She was also able to reconcile with her sister, who she describes as one of the people she hurt most deeply during her addiction. The fallout of this incident led her to return to Iowa, where she resumed using drugs and was subsequently kicked out by her parents.

It’s the perfect accountability project

So, for several months, she was homeless, crashing on friends’ floors and couches while living out of her car. Eventually, Kass decided to re-enter treatment, more out of her desperation to avoid being homeless in the coming Des Moines winter than because she had any intentions of quitting drugs. Have a substance use disorder, for advice? I can’t be your cheerleader for 30 days just so you can celebrate day 31 by posting photos of mimosas on Instagram. If drinking is a problem in your life, then YOU will have to change YOUR drinking habits but you probably don’t have to change who you are. Some of the changes you will undertake may not be fun – sorry.

Great list Bill – I’m just shy of 5 months sober and I’m really enjoying the benefits of not drinking. My behaviour when drunk was pretty terrible; I had this knack for saying shocking things or doing physically dangerous stunts (climbing walls, trying to get out of moving cars etc…). Drinking and drugging take up a lot of time and energy. You have to spend time acquiring your substance of choice, using it, and then recovering from its effects.

How do you get better in sobriety if you have no idea where to start?

In other words, they wrote a “How to Stay Clean and Sober for Dummies” book. SLA and the wonderful 12 step sponsors, will help teach you the clear-cut instructions on how to live a happy and successful life. You go to your online support group meetings sobriety sucks and excitedly tell your internet friends in recovery about your new crush. “He’s also a self-proclaimed alcoholic,” you say, but like, “Who cares? ” You just want to bone, and you know for a fact that boning is not incompatible with alcohol abuse.

  • I may have had problems with my drinking, but I miss that life more and more every day.
  • It was not the organization of AA authorizing this type of treatment, it was the people attending who were saying this to me and to others.
  • But you don’t know until you try and you have to genuinely try.
  • While this part of recovery isn’t “fun,” learning how to sit with uncomfortable feelings, and not rely on destructive patterns to cope, has been crucial to my personal growth.
  • Kass had been made aware of Reco through a close friend of hers who she had met during one of her previous stints in rehab and who now worked for the program.

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